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Sexual and Gender Diversity Advocacy

What does it mean to advocate for LGBTQ Education? This is the question I will struggle with until the end of my career.


Western civilization often conflates sex, sexuality, and gender. This system constructs an idea of gender as immutable deduced from sex (medical). Discontinuities in the historical record reveal the androsexist and heterosexist claims of natural, normal, and moral sex/gender as fallacies.


In addition to the way those who fall outside the gender binary end up treated unfairly, those who do not fall within the heterosexist construct of sexuality experience prejudice from Western constructs. Breaking free from this construct, sexual orientation describe erotic desire & behavior.


Cultures around the world struggle with handling diversity. How can educators, students, and community members challenge their bias towards honoring diverse gender and sexual expression. Who has the right to advocate and how does power and privilege influence the educational institution?


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Research Interests & Tangents

My Philosophy of Research

According to Guba (1990), paradigms are characterized by ontology, epistemology, and methodology. I support alternative methods of publication and research practices that are both participatory and open. In terms of the mystical words to describe myself as a researcher I value a constructivist paradigm and relativist ontology. Epistemologically I prefer subjectivity although I believe in socially agreed objectivity. I see a place for multiple methodologies and adopt quantitative and qualitative in an iterative participatory design framework. Stay connected with my work at conferences, engagements, publications, or contact me and I will share my most recent mischief. Also feel free to read my blog posts related to research and articles I am reading.

Game Design Thoughts

When we play we learn.

Often our current social structure marginalizes the importance of play. If you don't believe me compare vacations in the United States to Canada. Schools are constantly sacrificing the social and place spaces in favor of more structured environments. Note I did not call these learning environments. I am interested in games that provide play and socialization in a cohesive learning environment.  



The study of games, whether you call it ludology or something else, fascinates me greatly. Specifically the way players can develop skills and experiences that they can draw on outside the game environment.


As part of my dissertation I am designing a game. Please let me survive and thrive in this experience! If you are a game designer feel free to drop me a link to check out. The process of learning includes a lot of play in addition to learning how to design!


Beyond game development and research I am a fan of fans. I relax watching others play games and getting caught up on the most recent gamer (and gaymer) news. Sometimes I am saddened (GamerGate) but usually heartened by this tribe of fellow geeks.

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Read something I wrote. Some things are well-thought-out and other items a bit more hectic. This is my space for personal expression so read something serious or read a rant...about privelege or something a bit more serious:


Worried about LGBTQ Youth in Indiana all weekend long until Monday revealed a host of support, most notably via @GLSEN.


Equity in Education seems quite elusive.How Do We Achieve Equity?.


Featuring Play PacMan Where You Live, an exciting mini-game just in time for April Fools.

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About Rurik

Currently I am seeking to break into the non-profit sector. Gender and sexually diverse youth face unique barriers that may be invisible to their cis-gender, heterosexual peers and adults. As an educator, previously a licensed science, language arts and social studies educator, and before that a sign language interpreter, I work to end marginalization of LGBTQ+ youth. My three major areas of concern are:

  • Fostering educational environments that are safe a bias-free for all youth.
  • Addressing LGBTQ+ youth homelessness.
  • Constricting the so called school to prison pipeline.

Until recently I taught educational technology courses to graduate students. In addition to my K-12 work I have taught multi-media design, social media, and ran a consultancy based around teacher web development and social media.

In my free time I explore emerging social media, pop culture, and videography. If you see me on stage at a comedy club feel free to pretend I am not there.

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  • New York City, NY
  • @ruriknackerud

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Always looking to stay in touch. If you have a project you think I might be interested in feel free to drop a line and a link. I can also be reached by social media!