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Student Teaching Science – Day One

Today was my first day as a student teacher. Not much happened beyond getting oriented to the school and classroom since this week marks the end of the semester. After semester final exams the students will watch two videos regarding global warming. The idea is for them to think critically about the information the receive and work to think critically whenever they are presented new information. To that end one video will be pro and the other con. Afterwards they write an in class paper describing their views on the issue of global warming in light of the videos.

I am curious as to the outcome of this assignment and will have to share what I learn about student response and the analysis and feedback of the instructor.

Other than this nothing special has come up. Unlike many districts including the district I will be doing my language arts component in, this district has retained prep periods. When I say retained prep periods I mean that they haven’t shifted to models like “common prep” or other times given to teachers to ready their lessons, demonstrations, and other administrative tasks. Hopefully I will remember to share my thoughts on the various “prep” models but for now I am going to let this go as I get ready for another day.


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