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This next week I head out to the Portland Professional Educator’s Job Fair. Every year this event draws districts and educational entities from Oregon and the surrounding states. With the state of educational funding this year I am approaching the fair as an adventure. No doubt there will be a few positions open at schools this year due to retirement and other teacher-attrition factors. Still, when hearing of districts claiming wholesale freezes on hiring, one begins to have doubts and worries regarding their chances in a stiff job market.

Despite these worries I look forward to the chance to meet administrators and human resource managers from districts all over the state. Thinking about the diversity of schools and people I saw at the ASCD conference I am even more excited to meet the wonderful people who, thinking as I do, work to educate children. Some of the districts I hope to meet with include; Portland Public Schools (Sunnyside Environmental looks interesting as do the middle schools), Seaside School District, Gresham-Barlow School District, Beaverton School District (Though I do not know if they are hiring), Clackamas County School Districts (Especially North Clackamas and Oregon City), Forest Grove School District, Reynolds School District, Tigard-Tualatin School District, and Woodburn School District. There are also a few smaller districts that I hope to talk with if they are sending a representative through their education service district. One attending agency/district caught my eye particularly.

The Oregon Virtual Academy would fit my goals if they are looking for full time positions. If not I would still like to keep up the online instruction and continue practicing engaged online learning as part of my career. Doing this at the community college level offers certain advantages and I am curious about the challenges of teaching online in the K-12 environment.

I do not mention any charter schools here. This may seem like an oversight but it is not. Each charter school in Oregon must align itself with a public school district and so while I may not mention them here, I am thinking about the opportunities they provide.

I hope my next blog post continues to be positive and I have my fingers crossed for an interview or two while I am up there!


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Known both as Ru (or as the title suggests, Ru Ru the Ruiner), Rurik studies ways games can designed to improve society, especially in the realm of education.