PTSA – Parent-Teacher-Student Association

The PTSA and Social Networking

I recently worked with the PTSA as the Grants Pass School District (where I am student teaching) by presenting a short workshop on internet use and children. My audience added a new dimension to the presentation – though I did not discuss any new ideas (as compared to previous iterations. A PTSA is similar to a PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The difference lies in the third letter – “S” – for students!

The presentation did not truly change except for my embarrassment level. There are things I talk about to parents (like sexting) that I had a hard time saying with students there. Despite my verbal stumbling things went well and my HTML5 based presentation looked great on a big screen. In fact, the students provided me with the most critical and useful feedback of the night – asking for the animations to slow down or have more lead time – things I am happy to accomodate.

A PTSA is a new concept for me and one that I really believe in. Getting the students involved sets a different tone to the body of parents, and, at the middle school level, parent involvement in the school seems to drop. By involving students the group appeared to have a higher level of engagement and focus – students and their learning. Wherever I end up as a teacher I hope to involve myself in the PTSA connected to my institution – if for nothing more than to connect with the community in one more fashion.


Job Fair

Excuse me for how long it took my to update the blog. The job hunt went on hold after the job fair. According to most of the districts available, their job postings would be delayed until mid-May. Now that May has arrive (happy Cinco De Mayo!) I am back to searching!

The fair itself was excellent! I met several administrators including two from Gresham-Barlow, a man from Reynolds, and several other school districts. My business cards were received well and gave me a couple more minutes with some administrators curious about the QR codes on the back. I do not believe I have blogged about QR codes so I am filing that into my ever-increasing pile of future post topics.

That is all for this quick post – back to more frequent postings this month and into the summer!