Tech Tool Smack Down

[important]Warning! Exciting List of Tools: You Have Been Warned[/important]

The following list of tools were shared at the Edu Blogger Con prior to the ISTE 2011 Conference. If you have additional tools to share please feel free to add them in the comments. Over time I will go ahead and update the list to include a summation of any comments.

ujam – Music creation with background music for kids to create their own songs. – Free online learning platform with support, discussion, chat page – archives.

stencyl – teaches the basics of programming to kids, creating a game.

shapeways – 3D printing

screenr – create screen captures with the online tool.

jotform – Use this tool to gather information similarly to google forms but sending the information to dropbox.

notaland – A canvas tool where you can drop multimedia tools in a free form manner.

AnswerGarden – Word cloud tool that allows for direct participation. – Resource sharing tool.

lucidchart – Chart creation application

qwertytown – keyboarding game and social network that also teaches online safety. – classroom management tool integrated into Google Apps

BO.LT – We may never know what this was as the smack down person didn’t get it out in the two minutes.

Shmoop – Literature tool that does a similar job to cliff notes but with a school orientation.

tildee – quickly build a tutorial for students, teachers, family, etc. – tag gallery for pictures from flckr

gamesalad – free game development platform – html5!!!!!

Skloog – Portal

Storybird – Story board creation tool – free and does not require an account for basic use.

MyCyberTwin – Interesting UI chat bot that you can personalize.

Popplet – Presentation tool

Pixlr – Online picture editing.

OneWord – Puts up a word for creative response under a time limit and then shares other’s results.

Flocabulary – Free hip-hop tool.


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