Meta Post – aka why haven’t I posted?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My recent silence, as noted by several people via Google+, emails, and virtual world IMs, has come to an end. I would say nothing terribly tragic occurred but I suppose something did happen. Many things in fact. The day after my last post resulted in a whirlwind of activity revolving family, then the job hunt, and finally altering my life.

As close friends and family know I experienced a personal tragedy. The influence of this change is still something I cannot predict. Friends and Family also know of my interest in moving to Portland and becoming an educator in this great city. As I sit in my room surrounded by boxes full of books, typing like mad, I have to say I am excited to seeing this become a reality. Finally, I met someone extremely interesting and have found them quite capable of distracting me from my computer. (I love leaving a tasty tidbit and potentially never referencing this again – Mwahaha!)

So, since I refuse to discuss the first and last bits of information that leaves the middle bit – moving to Portland. A couple weeks ago I was offered a position with the Oregon Virtual Academy. Considering the preceding post people may be surprised that I did not jump on this opportunity to secure an income. In fact, I stewed and hemmed over this offer for almost a week. One of the things I hoped to accomplish in my career requires that I establish a reputation as an effective brick and mortar educator. With the virtual school I will not roam a room or school full of live students. Instead I will roam a digital classroom trying to think of ways to invent exciting learning environments for my students.

As a new teacher in the eyes of K-12 teachers and administrators and the sage advice of some friends – this is a career altering choice. I have my doubts about this hypothesis and am laying odds that virtual education will grow to outpace reality based educational environments in the not-too-distant future. Of course I am hedging my bets by taking on volunteer opportunities with schools and community organizations. Most of my volunteerism has surrounded the virtual world and now I have turned that into a career and my reality needs my free hours more imparatively.

I am committed to continuing my involvement in the Virtual UnSymposium and Virtual World’s Best Practices in Education. Speaking of which, the Ejournal for the conference is out – follow the link to check it out.

Things are getting interesting!


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Known both as Ru (or as the title suggests, Ru Ru the Ruiner), Rurik studies ways games can designed to improve society, especially in the realm of education.