A school of survivors.

Roosevelt High School – Building Success

A school of survivors.

In my last post I contemplated what it takes to change a school’s reputation. Since then I spent some time researching my example school – Roosevelt High School in Portland, OR – and found that they are working hard to adjust perceptions and in some cases succeeding.

Below are a few snippets from newspapers about Roosevelt High:

A dramatic turnaround at Portland’s Roosevelt High School – Oregonian

Student succeeding under pressure and difficult situation.

Roosevelt High School made its 2012 Rose Festival Court – Oregonian

Young woman inspires others with her success.

Roosevelt High troupe prepares to make school history at Oregon Thespians state conference – Oregonian

Getting their artistic, competitive, and community groove going.

So what does this get the school?

Unfortunately not a lot has changed in the greater Portland perception. Locally though – the school offers a beacon. Perhaps this is the first step towards changing a school’s reputation? I think they could use a well placed social media campaign to help illuminate the school’s successes to the rest of Portland and the state as well. They are doing amazing things on a daily basis – if only I heard about it via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+…


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