Google Image from Teacher's Day 2008

Google Calendar – Embed & Mix

Google Image from Teacher's Day 2008

This is the Google Image for Teacher's Day 2008 - the link will take you to

This month I have received a plethora of complements on my class calendars that I use to keep students and parents up to date on assignments. I appreciate the complements immensely but I have to make a confession: it was really easy to make those calendars – easier than methods employed by my colleagues.

To see a collage of all my calendars (one you can interact with) see below:

What most of my students see is this:

Screen Shot of one of my class calendars mixed with office hours.

This shot shows up for a specific classroom in their online space. There are actually two calendars at play here: my office hours which show up for all my classes and the assignment and meeting times for the specific class.

Building your own calendar for students takes very little effort. I created the video below in a very ad hoc way so it runs a little long. There are plenty of other, more concise, tutorials on this topic. Search YouTube for “Embedding multiple calendars in a website.”

The tutorial I created:


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