Google Drive Released! (Where’s Mine?)


I tried to ignore the rumors about Google Drive for the last several months (years?). This probably led to my current conundrum. With six different Google accounts, two business and one .edu, as well as three personal accounts, I was sure at least one of them would get the release of Google Drive. Sadly my prolific use of Google products failed and I am unable to provide first hand accounting of the new product.

I say new product with the full understanding that many people view the integrations with docs as a product revision. That may be the case in their use of the tools. In my imaginings the drive provides a needed solution to schools using 1:1 and BYOD programs in sync with Google Edu accounts.

Many of the files my students create prove awkward to upload to the .docs file system and the Drive tool might provide the ease of use features necessary. If students create presentations and word-style files docs works fine but with my interest in promoting higher thinking skills the products they come up with ate ever more sophisticated. Videos and interactive media presentations eat up memory and in districts like the ones I worked with in the past; file storage space limitations imposed by server capability and anxious IT staff mean student server space hovers below one gigabyte. Flash drives pick up some slack but cloud-based solutions like Drive and Dropbox mean “the dog ate my flash-drive” excuse no longer works.

So at this point I am looking to Drive for a single solution. Until I can get in an play with it I have no idea of this will work or what other unknown problems this will solve.

…so….Google….help a teacher out? *grin*


About the author: Rurik

Known both as Ru (or as the title suggests, Ru Ru the Ruiner), Rurik studies ways games can designed to improve society, especially in the realm of education.