Edutopia Featured Educator

Featured Member at Edutopia – ME?!

Edutopia is featuring me for the 6th-8th grade teacher’s group.

Alan Lipton sent my the following message:

Hi Rurik –

I’m happy to inform you that Edutopia selected you as a Featured Member this week. We appreciate your recent participation in our discussions and wanted to introduce you to a wider selection of the community. If you haven’t already done so, check yourself out at

Thank you from all of us at Edutopia, and we look forward to more of your input in the weeks and months to come.


Alan K. Lipton
Editorial Consultant


I was having a rough week with trying to convince my students they should not give up on themselves and this really made my day. (Spring helped a few of my students realize that their grades are not high enough to earn credits and they need to retake a class – not fun for anyone). Thank you EduTopia!

Edutopia also throws a great party during ISTE. This week they sent me the banner to post here on the website. At first I was not sure I wanted to flamboyantly announce my attendance at this party but then….why wouldn’t I? While I will probably not join the singing it will make a great break from squishing new ideas into my post-school-year brain.


Edtech Karaoke at ISTE 2012


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Known both as Ru (or as the title suggests, Ru Ru the Ruiner), Rurik studies ways games can designed to improve society, especially in the realm of education.