Yarn Connection: Life via technology.

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Yarn Connection: Life via technology.

Opening activity including a yarn led interaction that involved Google Presentation tools.

At a recent OETC event I had the chance to meet a great bunch of educators. This event celebrated the achievements of the Title IID EdTech Grants. There were three consecutive sessions as well as an opening activity using yarn that progressed to the building of some interesting Google presentations as well as a great closing keynote which I missed.

Before the event began Yolanda Ramos from ISTE sat at my table and shared some information about an upcoming grant related to mobile learning. Apparently Verizon has put together a grant directed towards education. This is exciting news and I look forward to seeing what direction that heads in. With any luck I can get involved as a member of the SIG or in other ways.

The sessions contained too much information to share here so I encourage everyone to look up the presentations themselves at the OETC website: http://teach.oetc.org/arra/celebration


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