Girl spraying graffiti

Temporary QR Codes!

Girl spraying graffiti

QR Codes – Temporary!


I am constantly proposing the use of QR codes for various teaching things. One issue I come up against is the problem of posting and leaving them in place only as long as an activity continues. In many situations a print QR code works well.

  • Book Review Bookmarks: QR codes on bookmarks place on teacher’s library collection shelves next to a book. Scanning the code reveals another student’s review…etc etc.
  • In classroom augmented reality tours.
  • Announcement board: I love putting a calendar QR code that automatically downloads a due date and additional info into a student’s smart phone. If I worked in a school with an iPad 1:1 program where the students checked out an iPad personally I would use these for everything!

There are other ideas as well but this give the gist of the idea. QR codes are useful – but what about outside? I love doing tours and activities on a bright sunny day but my QR codes fly away in the daily breeze or get ripped down by overly competitive scavenger hunters. What should I do in this case? What about on the school field trip to the museum? What if I want students to scan a QR code to complete an exhibit evaluation via Google forms?

Now I can! I just ran across this article where people are making temporary chalk QR codes using stencils and spray chalk! Check it out and see if it inspires any ideas for you.

QR Codes via Stencil and Chalk!


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