Blogger Cafe Group for the Keynotes

ISTE Keynote from Blogger’s Cafe

Blogger Cafe Group for the Keynotes


At the ISTE Keynote – or more acurately – the bloggers’ cafe. Great group here including Peggy Sheehy, Bron Stuckey, and the EduBros. That being said – sound issues!!!

Despite various audio inputs running out of time with each other – really enjoying the panel.

I agree with most of those on twitter saying that there were too many commercials in the keynote.

All the cons out – there – done…now.

Things that rocked:

Sir Ken Robinson – He was entertaining and he did a great job of facilitating a conversation. Suggested more room for innovation in the course scheduling due to traditions. Also – “Schools do just fine at meeting standards without obsessing over them.” “Revolutions do not occur from the top – they rise from the bottom.”

Marc Prensky – He has passion still and great ideas. Disappointed a bit at his response during the Q&A.

Mayim Bialik – Completely blew me away with her insight and support of education.

Ideas for Take-away: PASSION!

“Innovation Days” – A day where students run their own projects and ideas.

“Run a passion-based ‘university'” – Set up a time of day weekly where parents, students, and teachers can elect to run a “university” classroom and teach others from the school and community something they love and are passionate about.


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