What drives some students to study science and some not?

Science Idea: Using Forms!

What drives some students to study science and some not?

Science Idea: Google Forms as a Pre-Course Survey

For the last several months I have been playing with Google Forms as a way to get quick assessment data, engage participants in a little teambuilding, and a student creation tool for data gathering. These have worked out extremely well in each case. During a presentation I did on Google Apps for Education I shared a Google Form that took a choice-based approach on which questions the participants asked. If they chose social studies as their area of teaching they came to a screen asking which three areas they found most interesting. Clicking an answer there further refined their choices. Same for science, computers, math, and the arts.

Today I realized that also gave me a perfect tool for starting out the school year. To that end I am going to create a “choice-based” or “choose-your-own-adventure” form for my science students. Based on previous responses they will have the opportunity to answer very different questions and help me get to know them and their learning preferences in new and interesting ways! Yea Google Forms!

I have not designed the form for that yet but will post it here once I have a better idea of the types of answers I hope to get.


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