Dr. Rigelman

Intel Teach Summit 2013

Dr. Bright Dr. RigelmanJust returned from the Intel Teach Summit 2013. I have to say that Intel really knows how to treat people as if they were treasures. They provided us with great room, excellent dining on the second night, and wonderful opportunities to network. Pictured at the right you can see myself and Dr. Bright on our way to the summit. Due to a mechanical problem we were delayed getting out of Dallas. We took advantage of the lull to charge our devices and solve world problems.

Upon arriving in Orlando we were introduced to the first of our fellow summit attendees and went out to dinner together. We also collected Dr. Rigelman, another member of the Portland State team, and embarked on a semi-successful food venture.

The next morning we had a chance to meet the other attendees as well as open a present from Intel (the fleece I am wearing in the second picture where Dr. Rigelman and I are attempting our rendition of Hollywood Squares). During the course of the morning hours we met two exceptional women who work for the Oregon Virtual School District providing professional development to in-service teachers across the state. I also met a fellow technology and mobile enthusiast from Iowa – long geeky edutech conversations ensues and will hopefully continue.

Whether or not the Intel product we came to learn more about (Elements course) will work for Portland State remains to be seen but I have to say that Intel provides one of the best hosting experiences I have enjoyed in my career so far. (Okay Google and Apple – your turn? – oh wait – they already own me through my iDevices and Google Apps for Education).


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