Emerging Leader Award is Popular at my School…

A screenshot of the article.The emerging leader award is popular at my school. They decided to feature the award in the school of ed’s blog. While the interview was fun and strange emails I am getting scare me just a titch!

Despite my embarrassment regarding the attention I am excited about the opportunity to go to Washington DC. If I can leverage this visit towards grants for my research in games for education and general leverage for curriculum design I will be happy. There is also a secondary set of interests. I have joined Portland State University’s School of Ed’s Curriculum and Instruction’s LGBTQ Advocacy Task Force. We are looking for ways to support teacher candidates, students and others in the schools who identify somewhere along the LGBT (and QIA) spectrum. Personally this is very satisfying work and I hope to hear other’s perspectives in DC and throughout the year.



Playing with Excel

image of a spreadsheet done as a blur with a quote about the beauty of spreadsheetsI think one of my favorite things about this week has been the use of Concatenate in excel. And split.

My boss loaned me to a couple professors who needed registration to be simplified. Hello spreadsheets and Google Forms! We built the form before I knew what level of information they expected to use. Oops. Still it was a nice start.

Some of the information was located on a visually pleasing (to the maker) spreadsheet that required some fancy Queery formulas. I am just glad Google sheets can talk to each other across documents. The “visually pleasing layout” is usually a synonym for “useless”.

Once that mess was sorted I had to combine and split names into about twenty formats. W00T!

So…it sounds bad in writing but I secretly loved this week.

Teacher’s Wallet

Hey educators! We know about donor’s choose and other funding organizations that have helped teachers with supplies, technologies, and projects. Lisa Dawley recently posted about the Gates Foundation and Digital Promise teaming up with DonorsChoose to create Teacher Wallets. This pilot program provides 300 K-8 teachers nationwide with up to $6,000 per teacher to purchase digital courseware in core content areas. Sounds awesome?!?

Check out Dr. Dawley’s post for more info!