Dr. Doris McEwen - Keynote for Orate.

ORATE Conference!

I don’t know how this happened but I almost forgot I am presenting at the Oregon Association for Teacher Educators (ORATE) conference! This is something I should be looking forward to but I think I was a little overwhelmed with thinking about the Mexico City trip which I have withdrawn from.

I am actually looking forward to this conference as it is located at the college where I studied for my undergraduate degree. Western Oregon University! Home of the wolves. I think. It will be slightly eerie visiting the campus as I had professors who have since passed on or left the campus. The change in make-up with be interesting to experience.

Dr. Doris McEwen - Keynote for Orate.

Dr. Doris McEwen – Keynote for Orate.

Looking forward to the panel presentation and having a great time with fellow teacher educators from Oregon! Although…the keynote is a mystery to me. Clearly my distraction has cost me valuable pre-conference research time!

Hopefully she is as engaging as an upcoming lecture I am attending by Dr. Jacqueline Temple, a recent retiree from Portland State University who I had as an instructor last year. She probably won’t be as exciting as the social comedian W. Kamau Bell who I am going to see in March. Then again the academic language often forbids the raw persuasive power of a bit of comedy.

Ah…I am thankful once again for diversity in discourse styles….


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