2014-04-22 20.31.28

New Jersey & Elizabeth Morrow School

2014-04-22 20.31.28

This building in New Jersey, sorry about the blurry image, just radiates charm and welcome with soft music and a hubbub of conversation below while a lone light shines above.

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I always enjoy when my prejudices, whether towards a concept, group, or inanimate object, are challenged. Maybe not during the challenging. The entire time I was moving here I did it heels dragging. Post-challenge I love it. Moving to New Jersey has caused some major growth and a new appreciation for this state that I previously thought of as densely over crowded and full of frustratingly limiting highways. Fast-forward ten years and I am biking around quiet North Jersey villages and crossing the George Washington Bridge whenever I want some city life.

This experience has reminded me of when I watch a reluctant educator approach technology. At first there is trepidation, then some basic use. If they keep it up they have problems and need support but eventually they get to this place where that “new-fangled device” is an unconscious tool in their daily practice. As an educational technology coach I try to keep this in mind and build more playful environments for the initial experience. Elizabeth Morrow School did the same for me. What a great group of educators and adults!


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