I am giving myself the 30 goals reboot. Thought I would share the document Shell Terrell has been promoting on Twitter here. Hopefully people can keep me honest.

I have been keeping honest but here is an update – check out the goals I have accomplished:


  1. Post your first Diary entry on a blog. I did – and I didn’t even keep it private.
  2. Post to a blog Carnival.
  3. Start an adventure. Still working on this – my bicycle will crawl to the coast eventually.
  4. Support a new blogger. I would love to do more of this. Send me suggestions and I will check them out!
  5. Update your online profiles. Everyone should do this! I am sure I am missing a few profiles but I have the big ones up to date!
  6. Set a Google Alert. I have several of them. On my name, families names, and news issues I am interested in – try it – you’ll love it!
  7. Step out of your comfort zone. The idea is to try something new in your teaching – innovate. This has been my biggest challenge. I try new ideas constantly so I am always looking for a new challenge. Help me out…I need to go beyond my walls.
  8. What’s your personal theme song. This changes constantly but right now I tend to hum “Alive awake alert” to myself as I get started every morning.
  9. Be a guest blogger. I haven’t really done this yet. I have been featured on Edutopia but I don’t think that quite counts. I guess I have a ways to go in developing my writing.
  10. Make a connection. Building my PLN has been a major point this year. In addition I have also worked to develop my access to professional groups and services. My greatest source for help and inspiration remains my colleagues in game-based education, Kae Novak and Chris Luchs.
  11. Ask, perhaps you’ll receive. I am still working on this. Asking for favors has never been a strong suit.
  12. Reach out. This is a goal I work on constantly. Definitely worthwhile. Made some great connections.
  13. Give students reign. I did this once. Then I did it again. Now I hardly know who will take the lead once I introduce a topic.
  14. Cause a ripple. Start something and let it propagate. This and letting the students reign work really well as long as you have built a community that trusts and cares for one another.
  15. Create: 40 music, art, etc resources. 2.0 tools work well for this! Try it all! I am!
  16. Voice your appreciation. Do it! Each time I do it is like a bonus for everyone!
  17. Tell your story. The kids love this. Tell stories. Tie them into your curriculum or not. These stories build a relationship with your students.
  18. Let’s move. In a virtual school this is difficult. I encourage everyone to get up and out. Sometimes I try to get everyone to get up and do jumping jacks. Still – I am concerned about my students’ health. They spend too much time in front of computers and I wish the curriculum built out from this idea to include non-computerized learning time.
  19. What do you believe. Creating an I believe essay is an interesting process.
  20. Seek feedback: It made my day!
  21. Have a bit of fun. I will work on this.
  22. Give constructive feedback. I am trying a variety of idea. Definitely a goal worth revisiting in the fall when I am fresh again!
  23. Where there’s a will. And I am building that will. Newspaper started but is that really big enough to satisfy my will?
  24. Conquer a fear.
  25. Plant a seed. Planting, planting. Always planting but tending is where I think the real work happens.
  26. What are you putting off? It is always grading. Not grading turned in work but putting in zeroes for work not turned in. The system my school uses doesn’t allow automatic zeroes so each press of that key brings me further down.
  27. Reflection vs reaction. It takes a lot to guide students towards more reflective practices. Interesting but rough.
  28. Document! I am working on documenting my activities. I would love to add more activities like video and text records of each lesson. Going wild on this next year.
  29. Stay focussed. This is sooo hard? Keep myself focussed? My students? What a battle. Worthwhile though.
  30. Pass the baton. So many things to continue and develop.





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