Looking at a flower
Looking at a flower

Teaching is more than a passion – this is a lifestyle.

Educational technology, immersive learning environments and applying best practices to both professional development and student interactions are cornerstones of his educational activities. Taking his master’s degree to the next level he accepted Portland State University’s invitation to the education doctorate program focussing on curriculum and instruction starting in the Fall of 2012. Rurik studies games and their empathetic influence of individual behavior. Currently he is developing a game experience for educators that simulates at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trandgender, Queer (LGBTQ) youth’s experience in school. He hopes to evaluate the impact of the game on teacher interventions in real life situations of LGBTQ discrimination acts and bullying in schools.

His concerns and hopes for the future of student learning drive a desire to impact pre-service and in-service teacher training, curricular models, and student learning environments. His research interest focus on game-enhanced learning environments and the role of the teacher in designing experiences individuated for every student’s current need and developing an environment to support that learning.

Rurik develops and presents community and teacher workshops and trainings on mobile learning, social networking, immersive learning environments, and other cutting edge educational technology resources both virtually and in person.

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In addition to teaching Rurik is part of the “think tank” Center4EduPunx as well as an organizer for Virtual World’s: Best Practices in Education, Virtual World’s Unsymposium, and other short term projects via Second Life, Jokaydia Grid, and other virtual worlds. He recently helped with an experimental course using World of Warcraft as a method of exploring leadership skills and qualities called World of Teachcraft. With other members of the CenterforEdupunx he is currently exploring engagement strategies using augment reality and commercial games.

Current research projects at Portland State University including:
Developing a game simulating the experience of LGBTQ youth in schools
Faculty development through a gamification model
University GTEP 1:1 iPad Project
Closing the Achievement Gap Project
1:1 iPad initiative (Consultant & Researcher)
Bilingual Education STEM (Advisor, Consultant)
Modeling game-based learning quest evaluation

Lic. Oregon Teacher (Integrated Science, Language Arts, Social Studies)

Educational Technology Consultant:
Google Apps for Education
WordPress for Education
Online Presence for Educators (Blogs, Edmodo, 2.0 Tools, and social media)
Learning Management Systems
Technology Integration Strategies



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