ISTE 2011

Learning Between Worlds: Integrating Virtual and Real World Classrooms (At ISTE 2011): Link to Materials

Experience the integration techniques of a social media instructor morphed into a student teacher of middle and high school language arts and science.

Luchs, Christopher; Novak, K.; Hagerty, Kate and Nackerud, Rurik, “World of Warcraft: Serious Game, Serious Learning.” COLTT 2010, Boulder, Co, August 2010.

Nackerud, Rurik; Novak, K. and Luchs, Christopher, “Machinima 4 Your Classroom: Machinima 4   Mere Mortals,” Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, Online, March 2011.

Nackerud, Rurik and Novak, K., “Heroic Assumptions: Choosing and Using MMORPGs in the Classroom” Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, Online, March 2011.

Novak, K.; Emerson, Cherry and Nackerud, Rurik, “Global, Local and Virtual: Understanding Tradition and Culture” Global Education Conference, Online, November 2010.

Assembling Your Entourage: Your Personal Learning NetworkRurik Bellingshausen (SL) /Rurik Nackerud Kavon Zenovka (SL) /Kae Novak

Between Worlds: Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Aether Between Rurik Bellingshausen (SL) /Rurik Nackerud

Merging our realities becomes more important in education as technology and learning experiences grow to depend on both the real world and virtual world. This developing project looks to track and monitor four different educational interactions looking for unique characteristics indicating best practices in using merge reality curriculum. The project will rely on virtual worlds, an open course content management system, social media and augmented reality tools and real world classrooms. Between worlds hopes to map the necessary components for bridging realities.

Mind-mapping in three dimensions – (last minute social media presentation)

Luchs, Christopher; Novak, K.; Nackerud, Rurik; Stofka-Davies, Beth, and Hagerty, Kate, “Living the Egyptian Book of the Dead.” COLTT 2010, Boulder, Co, August 2010.


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