Serious Games

Presentations, Publications, and Public Proceedings

Novak, K., & Nackerud, R. (2011). Choosing a serious game for the classroom: An adoption model for educators. In N. Antonopolous, M. Ma & L. Jain (Eds.), Serious Games and Edutainment Applications (pp. 291-308). London: Springer.

Open Source, Creative Commons Licensing, and Machinima. Presentation Virtual Worlds UnSymposium 2011

Learning between worlds: Integrating virtual and real world classrooms. Poster Session ISTE Conference, 2011

Cheating 101 and Prezi for teachers, OCTE 2011

UnSymposium poster, Best Use of Design Award, VWBPE 2011

Machinima for your classroom: Machinima for mere mortals, VWBPE, 2011

The state of teens in virtual worlds, discussion group, VWBPE, 2011

Heroic assumptions: Choosing and using MMORPGs in your classroom, VWBPE, 2011

Between worlds: blending virtual and live classrooms, VWGuS, 2010

Nackerud, R, & Merrick, S.G. (2010, Dec/Jan). Point/counterpoint: Can your PLN replace traditional professional development?. Learning and Leading with Technology, 6-7.

Global, local and virtual: Understanding tradition and culture with Novak, K., Emerson, C., GEC, 2010

World of warcraft: Serious games, serious learning, Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference, 2010

Living the Egyptian book of the dead, Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference, 2010

Prezi for community college instructors – Front Range Community College, 2011


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