Meeting My Heroes

Meeting my edugeek heroes this week. Yesterday I spent two hours listening to Chris Dede’s panel of Edtech superpowers talk about Augmented Reality. Today I shook hands with Henry Jenkins and Craig Watkins while listening to James Paul Gee deride propensities for ignoring evidence in favor of assumptions.

If I collapse it is not due to lack of happiness and hero worship.




Games & Learning Videos from PBS

PBS Media Video SeriesWatching a couple older videos about game-learning and I thought I would share them here: – Dr. John Seely Brown – “[Gamers] are incredibly bottom-line-oriented.” – Dr. Henry Jenkins – Favorite Quote – “What if we had a Dumbledore’s Army in our world?” – Dr. James Gee – “Why aren’t we tempted to give a Halo test but we are tempted to give an Algebra test? It is because we trust the game to accurately assess their skills but we don’t trust the Algebra class to assess their learning.”


Sometimes it is nice to take a break and get back to the heart of what gaming does for learning.