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As a newcomer to instructional design my portfolio has a long way to go. While most of my work for the last year fell under a non-disclosure agreement the objects here were created independently and/or with permission to share.

My skill set tends towards designing the learning environment. Putting the content into a system that works as intended make a huge difference in learning outcomes. Due to this I experiment with several Learning Management Environments. My most recent experiences focussed on e-college and D2L though I have worked with Blackboard and Moodle extensively. Something I am extremely passionate about is the idea of post-LMS design. Tools like 3D GameLab and Edmodo provide surprising opportunities for the instructional designer and educator.

Outside of environment design I am a passable graphic designer though I appreciate and willingly purchase high quality designs when I need them – especially as I am used to rapid prototyping and quick turn-around on most of my projects. I also enjoy building information graphics. These take quite a bit of time but the products are quite powerful as a learning tool.

Continuing my journey as an educator I am learning everyday that there are always new skills to pick up to improve instruction whether it is writing, developing multi-media, creating graphics or managing a project. This portfolio offers a sample of the skills I have developed and continue to hone.

Interactive  |  Project Management  |  Linear Objects  |  Presentations  |  Learning Environments


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