Learning Environment Projects

The following two items were created collaboratively. In both cases I was responsible for developing the learning environment rather than the content.

Both environments were built using WordPress with a BuddyPress set of plugins.



World of Teachcraft

Meant to support a project called World of Teachcraft this environment provides social synchronous and asynchronous learning spaces for participants. The portal served as a communication channel for instructors and students as learners were from all over the globe. They were able to personalize their avatars, include descriptions of their goals and interests, as well as interact socially.















The second project expanded on the ideas of the first in terms of the learning environment to include more “games-based” or a questing experience in terms of the learning. This project was part of the ISTE and NASA collaborative work creating learning artifacts related to NASA’s MMS probe project. Again I collaborated on this project with two other teachers. They provided the content while I took on the task of designing the learning environment. I feel particularly please with this project as in the trials both the leader board and the questing experience went over well. I feel that certain post-LMS environments like 3D GameLab might provide a better environment for this learning experience but the solution we found to test our concept worked out fairly well regardless. Feel free to visit the no longer updated website at



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