Project Management

Collaborative Documentation:

I find it is very important to keep everyone up to date on a project and have found Google Docs extremely helpful. Using a document template like the one below, team members can stay up to date on tasks, objectives, issues and current needs. Using Google+ we can communicate visually, edit a document collaboratively, and share progress even if we are located in different places where face-to-face interactions are not possible.

Below is an example of a document I would use as a template for a team:

One of the side benefits to using documents includes the ability to publish the in progress document to a team webpage. Google removes the comments sections from this published information which makes it a useful tool for keeping clients up to date while keeping it a working document.

This is a screen shot of a document with comments.


Shared calendars, also from Google, save time and help outline important landmarks in a project. In addition to using these for project management I recommend them to teacher-clients in my Google Apps for Education workshops as a great way to organize and share homework schedules with students and parents.

This is a screen shot of Google Calendars. In addition to holding information in relation to time these calendars can be used interactively to pull up accessory documents, links, and notes.


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