LGBT Brick Road

This page exists to provide teachers, administrators, students, and other members of school learning communities with the skills, dispositions, and knowledge that empowers them to act as advocates for LGBTQ K-12 students and K-12 teachers. Reading and exploring these resources should help with building a conceptual framework for creating equitable environments for LGBTQ members of the school environment.

One of the first things, after doing a bit of research here and through other channels, I suggest is coming up with a resolution statement. Do you or your group plan to commit to social justice, human dignity, inclusive policies and practices? Will you advocate in intentionally proactive and strategic ways?


Assignment Ideas – This is an expanding list of assignment ideas that could be implemented in a classroom setting. If you have an assignment you love please share it with me in the comments of this page and I will make sure to include it!

Terminology & Models or Frameworks – Sometimes you just need to know what a word means. This is that section. I also plan to include activities and ideas for activities that help with understanding vocabulary and building a framework around gender and sexuality. Finally – I am currently working on a YouTube video series under my humor channel and hope to include those here eventually.

Annotated Bibliography – Help me add more to this list!

Reference Library – These are the major reference materials. If you have an addition please share in the comments and I will add it!

Video References – Slowly collecting videos addressing the intersecting areas of education & educational institution and gender & sexual diversity.

YouTube Reference – As a fan of YouTube as a platform for advocacy and sharing I could never share a list of resources without including this section!

Organizations – Organizations and their associated websites.

My Posts – LGBTQ related posts from this blog.


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