Timeline Activity – Dialogue focussed activity. Best for older students, faculty, and college students.

Interrupting Hateful Language – Another dialogue focussed activity but I have seen some interesting add on activities where students build new media projects around issues they identify through the discussion. Best for older students, faculty, and college students but I think, with adaptations, middle school and upper elementary students would benefit.

Critical Incidents Paper – Definitely more adult focussed but I have seen a high school GSA do really well with this and then submit a report to the dean of students. I have also seen a modified version work well with a middle school diversity club. Generally this one require participants to be armed with a bit more knowledge. The best outcomes were from faculty since it gave them permission to critically analyze their practice, environment and school. College students also do well with this activity.

Autobiographical Writing as a Queer Curriculum Practice (Auto-Ethnographic) – Not really “done” or “ready-to-go” this a more advanced activity and requires serious dedication and involvement from participants and facilitators. I include it here because the intersectionality of identities is a tough nut to crack and this really goes deep.


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