An Award!

This year at VWBPE I was involved in several poster sessions; World of Teachcraft, Center for EduPunx, and the Virtual World’s UnSymposium. Besides my direct involvement with these posters I also helped with the design for a couple others. Building and putting up these displays was a bit last minute but I always find building them an entertaining experience.

World of Teachcraft was especially entertaining to build. We created an ogre teaching a goblin in a classroom. The large bookshelf contains many different links to educational articles and websites related to using commercial games as educational tools. Hopefully the display provides information to educators interested in joining us for our next World of Teachcraft course.

Center for EduPunx promotes the think tank I work with. The theme for the presentation came to us after struggling to find clarity in our design. Kae and I started off thinking we could build  a mortuary but found ourselves fight prims, exhaustion, and limited resource. Finally we ended up purchasing a few items then talked with our other collaborator and ended up with a beautiful surgery.

The final area, the Virtual World’s UnSymposium, held last year in October, took a few hours and several incarnations. This next year we hope to add Machinima to our program and so we incorporated several animations in a Tesla inspired display. The content was simple. The design clear and understandably steampunk. I had no idea it would garner the attention and fame that would eventually lead to our display to winning the award for best in theme. This award validates so much of our work and gives me, Kae Novak, and the other brilliant minds behind the UnSymposium the validation and recognition we could only imagine.

With an award in the bag, a successfully run conference (VWBPE) and a year of future highlights things are looking exciting!