Virtual Reality Hackathon Mini

 What could be better than a room full of tech enthusiasts and tech experts from 11 to 14 years old? Not muc according to the technology mentors who enthusiastically embrace this crowd of eager problems solvers at the middle grades level Hackathon dubbed #VRHackMini. 

  Competing teams, White House Tour vs New Arrivals Mondo, both collaborating with resources while picking the brain of one of our mentors.  New Arrivals Mondo could potentially compete for both a Futuristas prize as an all women coding group AND the Playing Mondo sponsored prize. White House Tour is using Minecraft, not a sponsored category, to create an exploratory experience using command blocks.
  Mentors and organizers conspire to make sure everyone stays fed. This event was a long time coming and we weren’t about to let a shortage of donations derail an epic event. First run of snacks may have ended but food already on the way!



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Happiness Stats According to People Who Come Up With This Stuff

This is the widget that I learned how this works from.

As an experiment in web design and relating back to my prior post I thought I would put up the graphic below. This is a bit of coding that give the look, through html5 of a chart loading as you scroll down to it. Pretty dramatic and exciting for a boring old graph.

This put me in mind of ways in which games can be built for professional workshops. The drama around seeing current progress might be an effective tidbit towards motivation.  Reload the page and pan down if the chart has already shown up.

This is an ordered list of the “Happiest Nations”


Data from the World Happiness Report