Globalization and Diversity in Education Conference

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Game Designers Know



Game Designers Know Epic WinsGame-based learning is an area of research I find extremely exciting. At the 2013 Globalization and Diversity in Education Conference in Vancouver Washington I shared my ideas around using games in order to foster learning related to diversity and global understanding. This conference inspired the draft of a paper linked below. I encourage conference participants to review and edit this write up.

Google Doc: Evaluating Games in the Context of Diversity and Global Understanding


Conference Schedule

Things are looking interesting for the next few weeks. Several conferences are coming up and I hope to make myself productive by sharing my experiences.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 3.36.49 PMConferences:

  • Globalization and Diversity in Education in Vancouver, Washington
  • AACTE Annual Conference in Orland Florida

As part of the AACTE trip I will be participating in an Intel Teach Summit before the conference. Fun times ahead!

Volunteer Breakfast and a Recap of Monday


ISTE Monday

The conference moved too fast for me yesterday. I think if space and time would flex to my whims yesterday would last a year. There were many great sessions but the majority of my “choice” time was dedicated to poster sessions, playgrounds, and meeting people I had only met online before.

I also had “Non-choice” time. Not that these activities were thing I did not want to do but try we’re things I did as part of my SIG involvements. In total I spent three hours, or in my imagined space-time-flex – three years, with the mobile learning group. For part of the time I helped at the mobile app sharing session and participated in the business meeting. If I could I would have stretched that time to years in order to sleep and play with each idea.

This morning I met many of the ISTE volunteer members. In just a moment I will get the chance to mingle with everyone!

ISTE Keynote from Blogger’s Cafe

Blogger Cafe Group for the Keynotes


At the ISTE Keynote – or more acurately – the bloggers’ cafe. Great group here including Peggy Sheehy, Bron Stuckey, and the EduBros. That being said – sound issues!!!

Despite various audio inputs running out of time with each other – really enjoying the panel.

I agree with most of those on twitter saying that there were too many commercials in the keynote.

All the cons out – there – done…now.

Things that rocked:

Sir Ken Robinson – He was entertaining and he did a great job of facilitating a conversation. Suggested more room for innovation in the course scheduling due to traditions. Also – “Schools do just fine at meeting standards without obsessing over them.” “Revolutions do not occur from the top – they rise from the bottom.”

Marc Prensky – He has passion still and great ideas. Disappointed a bit at his response during the Q&A.

Mayim Bialik – Completely blew me away with her insight and support of education.

Ideas for Take-away: PASSION!

“Innovation Days” – A day where students run their own projects and ideas.

“Run a passion-based ‘university'” – Set up a time of day weekly where parents, students, and teachers can elect to run a “university” classroom and teach others from the school and community something they love and are passionate about.

Social EdCon


Here at ISTE 2012 one of the best warm-ups to the actual conference is the open conference that occurs just before the main run of things on Saturday. Labelled the SocialEdCon this year, the event looks like it will really take off!

Just to get a taste for the possible sessions for this crowded room:

Running Virtual Conferences
Social Media in the School and Issues in Bullying
Teaching Teachers Tech Quickly

Get down here (or up actually) if you are in San Diego.