Oregon ASCD New Teacher Conference

Twenty minutes until the Oregon ASCD New Teacher conference at Marylhurst University kicks off. So far I am listening in on conversations about the trials of student teaching. Everyone has advice about how to handle this or that type of student and sometimes the advisors contradict each other or themselves. If I could distill the pre-conference discussion down I think we would find the answer, “Try many things and find what works for you.”

This blog post will be updated as the day progresses onwards. I will tweet with the Hash Tag #OASCDconf unless an official hash tag is announced.

Alright so there were no updates. The rest of the day went well though. I met a couple administrators and even sent them thank you email. One principal of a Portland school shared an article from EdWeek about the “Race to the Top” grants. While I had read the article before I appreciated being treated with the respect his sharing that article showed even though I am a MAT student.

My biggest disappointment was in the change in keynote. Susan Castillo changed plans when President Obama came to town. I can’t really blame her since the president was touring the Intel science fair deal happening in Portland simultaneously. While I may have missed out on the state superintendent of public instruction I did have the chance to email David Bautista after his ending keynote. In general it felt good to network with colleagues and begin my first Portland district radar test. Hopefully talking with all the folks at this conference will help me in my Portland area job search.


Global Education Conference

In November I presented with two colleagues for the Global Education Conference. If you click through to this post I have included the presentation slideshow itself for those expressing interest in what we did. The most interesting facets for me were the ways in which real world and virtual world classroom experiences fed each other to build a more engaging experience for the students.