Experimenting with Hello Dolly

Sometimes I take classes from P2Pu.org in the hopes that I can expand either my skills as an educator or technical skills related to websites. Recently I completed an assignment as an entry task to a WordPress course editing the “Hello Dolly” plugin to include some quotes on education. Below I have pasted the code but would love to hear from any future potential visitor a few educational quotes they like. If I like them in turn I might add them to my version of the plugin.


Global Education Conference

In November I presented with two colleagues for the Global Education Conference. If you click through to this post I have included the presentation slideshow itself for those expressing interest in what we did. The most interesting facets for me were the ways in which real world and virtual world classroom experiences fed each other to build a more engaging experience for the students.

Hello world!

Drawing in the connections image.This truly is my first post in a new blog. I have experimented with other blogs before as well as entire portals. The side-tracking result was that I found the management more interesting that coming up with content. That or content was simply difficult for me to develop. Interestingly motivation has not been a factor. Usually I would just play around with the backend, the database, content management system, and everything else for so long that I forgot the purpose I originally set out with each blog.

There are three things I would like to do with this blog. First; establish myself as a professional educator using blogging as a social media, networking, and portfolio tool. From there I hope to develop a community from within my Professional/Personal Learning Network (PLN) that contributes or connects directly and successfully to my teaching. Finally, given my enrollment in a couple Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) right now, I would like to end my lurking and begin participating through this blog. For example I have just started LAK ’11 (Learning and Knowledge Analystics).

Hopefully this all goes well!